SOAP SSL + UserNameToken (Java JAX-WS) SOAPHandler<SOAPMessageContext> SOAPMessage soapMsg = context.getMessage(); SOAPEnvelope soapEnv = soapMsg.getSOAPPart().getEnvelope(); SOAPHeader soapHeader = soapEnv.getHeader(); // if no header, add one if (soapHeader == null) { soapHeader = soapEnv.addHeader(); } SOAPFactory soapFactory = SOAPFactory.newInstance(); // WSSecurity <Security> header SOAPElement wsSecHeaderElm = soapFactory.createElement( SOAP_ENV_HEADER_LOCAL_NAME, SOAP_ENV_HEADER_PRE, SOAP_ENV_HEADER_XML_NS); SOAPElement userNameTokenElm = soapFactory.createElement(SOAP_ENV_HEADER_USERNAME_TOKEN, SOAP_ENV_HEADER_PRE, SOAP_ENV_HEADER_XML_NS); SOAPElement userNameElm […]


AutoComplete Every solution needs JavaScript if you are doing auto-complete in your browser.   There’s ways some example libraries out there for JavaScript, JQuery and some other frameworks to easily do an in-browser search.   You can also. You need AJAX or Websockets to make a call to your server implementation. Example REST Java AutoComplete […]

JBOSS Forge Notes

forge set ACCEPT_DEFAULTS true; forge install-plugin angularjs forge install-plugin arquillian persistence setup –provider HIBERNATE –container JBOSS_AS7 forge install-plugin angularjs scaffold-x setup –scaffoldType angularjs list-commands –all help 1. forge –install core forge –install shell forge –install addons forge –install maven forge –install javaee forge –list [todoapp] todoapp $ forge install-plugin angularjs Once installed […]

Spring Boot with Spring 4 and Spring Data MongoDB

Spring Boot is starting to really look like a great way to start projects.  I have just create a simple project using it and was very impressed. You can rapidly start up and it’s a nice style of RAD.  It’s not as command-line tool driven as Forge or ROO, but it packs everything you need […]

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NJ Transit DepartureVision API Profile Mean Cargo – Home SCIgen – An Automatic CS Paper Generator Spring Annotation Driven Performance Monitors · Comcast/jrugged Wiki LatencyUtils by giltene Queues Plumbr – Reducing memory usage with String.intern() Many Moods: Introducing JRugged library : Make your Java Programs Rock Solid hibernate-orm/documentation/src/main/docbook/quickstart/tutorials/osgi/unmanaged-jpa at master · hibernate/hibernate-orm Data Modeling 101 […]