– PR NewsWire : http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securityscorecard-partners-with-sequoia-in-125-million-series-a-funding-round-300054965.html?tc=eml_cleartime – Wall Street Journal : http://blogs.wsj.com/venturecapital/2015/03/24/security-scorecard-raises-12-5m-for-a-new-way-to-assess-security-flaws/ – BusinessInsider : http://www.businessinsider.com/securityscorecard-raises-125-million-led-by-sequoia-2015-3 – Contact Info :  @security_score   Security Scorecard… Read More

One tip that seems obvious, look at what the Internet innovators, large scale startups are doing.   They have open sourced many of their tools.   Square, Netflix, Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, I.  Data in Memory Persistent Key-Value Store for Java from the excellent Java Advent calendar for 2014. NoSQL Key-Value stores that run in-memory like… Read More

There’s a ton of great tools I recommend for all developers to install.   Here is a sampling of ones that get frequent usage:   Java, Groovy, Typesafe Activator, CF CLI, Spring Boot CLI, Maven, Gradle, GVM, Watch, HTML2Text, Boot2Docker, VirtualBox, CURL, WGET, BREW, Vagrant, SOAPUI, IntelliJ, NetBeans, Android Studio, Redis Desktop Manager, SQuirrel SQL,… Read More

http://springxd.ninja/2014/10/15/trying-out-tachyon-on-hadoop-2-2/ http://springxd.ninja/2014/10/16/spark-on-tachyon-on-pivotal-hd-2-0-hadoop-2-2/ http://springxd.ninja/2014/10/19/strata-hadoop-world-nyc-2014/ http://www.cloudfoundry.rocks/cloud-focker-local-cloudfoundry-for-developers-with-docker/ http://www.cloudfoundry.rocks/cloudfoundry-european-vacation/    … Read More

Spring XD Scripts My General Setup Script (I save it in setup.xd and load it via  script –file setup.xd) had config fs –namenode hdfs://pivhdsne:8020 admin config server http://localhost:9393 hadoop fs ls / stream list The Script for Loading a File into GemFireXD via Spring-XD stream create –name fileload –definition "file –dir=/tmp/xd/input/load –outputType=text/plain |  jdbc –tableName=APP.filetest… Read More