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Android 4 Tutorial

Android + Facebook

Emerging Technology
1. Hbase, Apache’s distributed,column-oriented database system built on top of Hadoop for Big Data.
2. Node.js, a platform, which is based on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine for writing highly scalable JavaScript Internet applications.
3. NGINX, a high concurrency, low memory usage Web Server and reverse proxy that recently surpassed Microsoft’s Internet Information Server to become the second most popular Web server in the world .
4. Hadoop, an Apache framework for distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers and on clouds, which has just achieved 1.0 status.
5. Rails, the popular, highly-scalable Web application framework.;jsessionid=yNbQPT7pl3HvSyFsChygNmktJBvTrDTXxS8CZlhRwZTYQ38hYh1v!477207950?theAction=poprecord&

Hadoop Tutorial

Hadoop Map Reduce for Java

Map Reduce Tutorial (HADOOP)

HADOOP 1.0 – 27 December, 2011: release 1.0.0 available


Getting Started with Cassandra

Basic Tutorial for working with Cassandra with Hector (Java Client)

Presentation on Hector with Cassandra

ThreadSafe Java Code

Hidden Java Features

AnyEdit Eclipse Plugin

Spring Data
int rowCount = this.jdbcTemplate.queryForInt(”select count(*) from t_actor”);
From Eclipse:

Mock for Servlets!/org/springframework/mock/web/

final HttpServletRequest request = context.mock(HttpServletRequest.class);
Google Testing Blog

Bite Web Test Framework

Test Analytics

Google JS Testing

Mocking Servlets


restful services with maven
parallel javascript

  SOAP Mocking Service:
     Can script with Groovy
  Deploy Mock Service:
   ran this

Mock Web Service

Date Class;jsessionid=533423CE5AF9C6D0276F9E480407A086

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