I am preparing to give a Brown Bag session on Node.js.

Here are some notes:

Main WebSite


Node.JS on OpenShift

Getting Started with Node.JS on OpenShift

On Windows 7, OpenShift requires CygWin and you must run from that CLI.

rhc app create –a NodeJSBrownBag –t nodejs-0.6
rhc app cartridge add –a NodeJSBrownBag –c mongodb-2.0
rhc app cartridge list
git commit –a –m “Added some source code”
git push

My existing NodeJS demo app in progress.

OpenShift / Red Hat Cloud Notes:

Add Cartridges for NodeJS, Mongo, … from the openshift website

Web Dev Framework for Node.JS

Node Debugger

Node Inspector / Web Debugger for NodeJS

BDD for Node (Vows)

Expresso TDD for Node

Unit Test Runner


Tracking NodeJS Modules

Node.JS and MongoDB for Beginners
Heroku + Node.js + MongoDB (not for free heroku)

Getting Started with MongoDB and Node.JS

Getting Started with Node.js on Heroku

Free Guide to Node.JS

Node.JS Tutorial

Node.JS Docs



Node Manual

From Java to NodeJS

Planet NodeJS

Nide Node.js IDE for CLI

VJET IDE for Eclipse

Install in Your Eclipse Using:

TypeLibs for VJET

node.js News

node.js Patterns

JavaScript Checker

JAKE Build Tool for Node.JS

Node.JS Video

Node Guide

Master Node.JS Book

3rd Party Modules

HighKick Test Runner

Async Spell Checker

Node Podcast


Stack for Linux and VMWare

Node.Js Everywhere

Web Services 2.0 on Node

There’s a CoffeeScript module.

Yahoo Mojito Ontop of NodeJs

NodeJS News


Twitter Client

JQuery for the Server

JS Frameworks

Backbone.js Tutorial

Backbone.js Client


 JS Model-View-View Model MVVM Pattern UI Framework



  • YUI3 from Yahoo
  • Client and Server
  • i18N
  • Testing
  • Doc builder

Mojito requires UNIX and Node.JS

Mojito FAQ

Mojito Docs

Mojito Troubleshooting


Creating a Simple View with Mustache Templates

Developer Guide for Mojito on Github

Logic-less Templates (multilanguage)

Mustache for Node.js

Mustache for Java

Mustache for Android/Java

Mustache for JS


JSAN (JavaScript Network – open source libraries)

node.js package manager (NPM)

Embedded Jars

Proguard Java Class File Shrinker (Used in Android)



Roku Development

Developer Program

Roku Developer Getting Started Guide

Roku Design Guidelines

Building Your Own Channel on Roku

Roku Developers Blog

Roku Developers Tutorial

Developing for Roku

Hello World



Cloud Hosting on Heroku

Spring MVC Hibernate App

Example Facebook Node.js App

Java | Heroku Dev Center (OpenJDK 6)

Java Web App with Tomcat 7

Non-Web Java Processes

Heroku Status

The Process Model

 Java FAQ

Java Spring/MVC/Hibernate Tutorial

Managing SSH Keys

For Windows 7 Enterprise, I needed to use “” to initialize the key, I couldn’t put in a path.   So I cd to the location of the public key.  For tracing ssh, -vT, allows for verbose tracing.

heroku keys:add “”

ssh -vT

git clone -o heroku

Facebook on Heroku
git commit -am “changed greeting”
git push heroku master


Node.JS on Heroku

Introduction to Heroku for Java Developers

Using the Heroku Command Line Interface(CLI)

Creating Applications from the CLI

GIT Repository SSH Fingerprints

Heroku CLI Authentication

Installing Heroku CLI

Managing Heroku Processes

Facebook App on Heroku



Developing Applications on RedHat’s OpenShift Cloud

OpenShift Documentation

For Setting up WordPress Properly

Interest OpenShift + Android App

Jenkins for Continuous Build/Integration/Deploy

OpenShift Community Help

GitHub for OpenShift and Examples

Git for PaaS

ProGit Book

Selenium Testing with Sauce on Demand


HTML5 and Android Videos and Tutorials





only use wav

canvas (for javascript drawing)

inline svg (xml for scalable vector graphics)

geolocation (lat and long for gmaps and open maps)

drag and drop

interactive music (inspirational html5)

Offline mobile app

blog design

offline html5 iphone app

html5 spec for web db

web storage

html5 offline spec

html5 + css3

iphone html5 app

cheat sheet




Android Advanced



html 5 deploy


Query 5 Mobile


html 5












drop box