Noiseweb Noise Producer (Android Sound Application) was my first commerical web site coming out in 14-Sep-1997. I had school websites since about 1992, one at Pegasus on the SunOS at Montclair State College (it became a University at the time of my graduation so my degree is from MSU). I had one also on the school’s OpenVMS/Dec Alpha machine, that was my first online resume. I wanted to have one on the VAX/VMS, but they never put an HTTP server on there before it was retired. Basic HTML, since this was pre HTML Form days, that one field with no button  was not worth writing for. Back when web pages were any color you wanted as long as it was black text on a grey

I wrote my first CGI in CSH (No BASH yet, couldn’t go back to CSH) then shell called C++ and finally direct C++ CGIs. I can’t say I miss the days of make files,
no FastCGI and custom CGI libraries. When the search engines were weak and hosted at univerisities, you could not find a lot of good example code. You were stuck buying a
few good O’reilly books and maybe a few documents that came with the tool. Eventually I got STL and a few third party tools, but C++ was a real pain for web development. After
that I got my own hosted website and had a variety of web apps in HTML, Shell, Perl 4 and 5, PHP and some various other scripting languages. I wrote a music store application
for two friends that had industrial music stores in New Jersey and an industrial music zine, but those never really got going. They were using MiniSQL (yes before MySQL) and then MySQL
and sometimes Postresql. I did a lot of Ingres in school (Ingres begat Postres(ql)).

When the Servlet beta spec came out, I was all over that. So much easier to develop and run web apps. The early JDBC and JSP specs were great leaps forward as too. I did some ASP in VBScript, CScript and JScript as well. Visual J++ was not as bad as one would imagine if it wasn’t for the horribly underpowered Pentium PCs we had. Struts was a great leap forward combined with IBATIS. I developed
with the framework I built on top of Struts, IBatis, Postgresql. I did almost everything. I architected the entire environment. I wrote the framework on top of  Struts and IBatis. I actually rewrote the framework, since I had written my own framework earlier for Charterhouse in the early Servlet days using just servlets, javabeans, jdbc, stored procedurse and protoIOC. I installed, administered the RedHat Linux server with CVS, installed and administered the Postgresql server. I used Postgresql at the time since it allowed for stored procedures that returns resultsets. We had a lot of developers great at writing stored procedures so I wrote a  JSP Tag Library that turned a stored procedure into a “live” table with sorting, paging, etc… from live database data. That site is still running with no one administering it. There are so many beans, actions and pages (hundreds) that our two man team wrote that it would be insanely expensive to port them all. The system has it’s own custom administration screens for dozens of different functions. It’s got an early custom social network built-in with media, chat, forum, maps, documents, blogs, custom navigation and more. This was years before MySpace, Facebook, WordPress, Google Maps or open web APIs. Now we could have done it all with NING or maybe a customized WordPress in much less time with so much less custom code. I got a little off track, but Noiseweb deserves an app. So I am working on a Noise Building application in Android.

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