ETE Presentations

Chariot Solutions Presentations / ETE Presentations

Chariot Solutions Emerging Technology Philly ETE 2012 Screencasts

Chariot Solutions Videos and ETE Videos

CoffeeScript Edge

Emerging Languages

StratisfiedJS (Structured JS)

Large Scale Agile

Spring ROO with Addons

Backbone.js / Real-time Web Apps

Rich-Web Apps with Server Side Java

Vaadin Java Framwork

Interesting Stack (Backbone, NodeJS, Restify, MongoDB)

Dependecy Injection

HTML5 Apps with Java and Scala with Play


Massive Scaling

Lean, Kanban and Large Scale Agile

Let’s Play TDD

Cross Platform Mobile Experience

Real-Time Web Apps with Backbone

Better Agile Through Tribes

Java EE in the Cloud(s)




Grails 2.0

JavaScript Testing / BDD

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