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Google CodePro

Part of the plug-in for Eclipse includes an awesome JUnit Test Case Generator.  It generates a lot of code you need for your unit test, much better than the OOTB Eclipse Junit Class Generator.  It generates all the methods you need to start with and most of the boilerplate test code.  It saves a lot of time and gives you a nice skeleton to start adding tests to.   Google’s CodePro is a nice free tool and a great addition to my toolbox.

My tip:  I have specific Eclipse installs for all my different tools.  One for Android Development, One Spring STS version, one JBoss/OpenShift version, one for Heroku, one for JEE, one for Client Focused / HTML 5, one for Mobile,  etc…  That way I am not loading any extra plugins.

Some of the standard plugins I like:

You definitely don’t want Android tools in your Eclipse if you are not going to do be doing Android apps everytime, keep that in a separate Eclipse install.  You can install as many as you want, space is cheap.   I have some that run of USB Sticks fine.

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