Nodester Node.JS + Express + Mongo App Part 1 – Nodester

The Running Node.JS Application on a Nodester


I am still working on putting up a full application for the tutorial.  Also I will try the same application on Nodejitsu, CloudFoundry and Heroku.

The following are the basic steps for working with Nodester. It is very similiar to all the other command-line PaaS interfaces. I am running this on
Windows, but it will work in most environments.


npm install nodester-cli -g
nodester user setup <username> <password>
nodester user setkey
nodester app create <appname>
nodester app init <appname>
nodester npm install express
nodester npm install mongoose
nodester npm install

git add .
git commit -am "Ready to deploy"
git push nodester master

nodester app info
nodester app stop|start|restart
nodester app logs

For nodester they push to master for Nodester to get a new build.

Log into your Application List Page on the Administration Site for Nodester and you will see your newly added Application. Nodester has a good help system that will be useful to you while learning. The git commands are standard GIT which makes using all the cloud systems pretty similiar.

After uploading, I check the logs for errors:

nodester app logs
nodester info Showing logs for: rollerderby
New PID: 18884
Spawing /app/server.js
Running node v-0.8.1
:: nodester ::

App listening on port 19885

nodester info ok!

nodester deployed


I used there out of the box example and added a connection to my test mongo db database at MongoLab.


Link Section:

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