Memory Check From Sun (Oracle) JVM on Windows mxbean =; sunmxbean = ( mxbean;
 long freeMemory = sunmxbean.getFreePhysicalMemorySize()/1048576; 
 long availableMemory = sunmxbean.getTotalPhysicalMemorySize()/1048576; // Megs 1,024 x 1,024
 System.out.println("Free=" + freeMemory + " Avail=" + availableMemory);

Long Classpaths in Windows

There’s many options to fix this:

Other options

Windows Symbolic Links Utility (Junction v1.06)


IBM JDK Limitations (2,031 characters use java.ext.dirs)


Try ext dir for Oracle JDK.


Try Jawful, an interesting utility.


Try classpath wildcards or a Stackoverflow discussion on Long Java Classpaths.


Some general information on Classpath.



Linked List

Graphic Display of Nodes in a linked list (with bacon data)


Linked List in UML


Linked List in Pseudo Code


Linked List in Node.js (Javascript)

An implementation in Javascript.  A linked list of buffers in Node.js.  A great set of implementations for Javascript.  A computer science implementation of JavaScript.  Also a nice insertion sort in Javascript.


Linked List in Java

Java has built in Lists.  An implementation of the Singly Linked List.


Linked List in Scala

Scala has built in Lists.  A Scala list from scratch.


Linked List in Groovy

Groovy has built in Linked Lists and other Collections.

RosettaCode, An awesome site listing implementations in many languages, this is a link to linked list.




Node.js and Mongodb Links