New Node.JS, JavaScript, HTML5, NoSQL Links

My favorite new resource is DailyJS, always a ton of great links, libraries, tutorials, documents and more.  This is really a site that I have to visit daily.



Continuum / Analytics.js

New Streaming API for Node, Components Tutorial, Holler, GruntStart

HTML5: Server-sent events with Angular.js, Node.js and Express.js | 



Backbone.js Tutorial: Backbone.sync


JavaScript MUSIC

Substack’s Musical Node Modules – this is really cool stuff.



Using MongoDB, Redis, Node.js, and Spring MVC in a single Cloud Foundry Application

Java to Node.JSNode.js Application Development with RabbitMQ Service

Node.js on CloudFoundry

Backbone and Node.JS App


I have posted a bunch of great tech links on my Google+, check them out.





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