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About UML models – Visio –

Bringing new life to Spring Travel with Thymeleaf | SpringSource Team Blog

Spring Framework Reference Documentation

Thymeleaf: java XML/XHTML/HTML5 template engine

JUNG – Java Universal Network/Graph Framework

Java and JavaScript Support for Microsoft Visio

Sorting Algorithm Animations

Quick Sort (3 Way Partition) – Sorting Algorithm Animations

JFugue Music NotePad: Wiki: Home —

Agile Modeling — Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Agile modeling with UML 2 templates for Visio | NSilverBullet


UML basics: The sequence diagram

Visio Templates for UML 2.0 – Martin Woodward

Download Visio Stencil and Template for UML 2.2

Elementary Sorts

New programming jargon you coined?

Stack Overflow deleted questions

Link Bag For Weekend

Developing with Eclipse and Maven / Documentation
HP CodeWars – Problems and solutions from the 2013 edition of HP CodeWars
Joda-Time – Java date and time API – Home
RedHat Repository for Jenkins
Getting Into Ember.js | Nettuts+
Event-Based Programming: What Async Has Over Sync | Nettuts+
Understanding Design Patterns in JavaScript | Nettuts+
JavaScript & AJAX | Nettuts+
The Pragmatic Bookshelf | Debug It!
Make Backbone Better With Extensions | Nettuts+
Forge | Installation
The Pragmatic Bookshelf | Pomodoro Technique Illustrated
Headless Functional Testing with Selenium and PhantomJS | Nettuts+
Installing Jenkins on RedHat distributions – Jenkins – Jenkins Wiki
Build a Twitter Clone From Scratch: The Design | Nettuts+
HTML & CSS | Nettuts+
The Pragmatic Bookshelf | Agile Coaching
Testing JavaScript with PhantomJS | Nettuts+
The Pragmatic Bookshelf | Pomodoro Technique Illustrated
Exploring Java world | I am a Java Developer.
NPR Sunday Puzzle | Programming Praxis
Spring Tutorial | Java J2EEBrain
Android Tutorial | Java J2EEBrain
Selenium and Web Driver
Fun with AngularJS! | Devgirls Weblog
15+ Useful Tools For Creating Flow Diagrams
Dia Diagram Editor | Free Graphics software downloads at
Welcome to JBJF – A new approach to batch jobs…
hull, Introducing Clouseau Open Source Software Engineering
List of Unified Modeling Language tools – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
How I Turned A Slow Array Sort Into A Quick One Using The Quicksort Algorithmn » Debuggable – Node.js Consulting
Diagram Designer
Authentication Sequence
Intro.js | Better introductions for websites and features with a step-by-step guide for your projects.
Home | Metrics
diagram – What’s the best UML diagramming tool? – Stack Overflow
OOP In JavaScript: What You NEED to Know | JavaScript is Sexy
400+ Java Interview Questions and Answers blog: Spring Interview Questions and Answers: Overview
SOAP interview questions | Java J2EEBrain | Sorting HTML Tables with Javascript and QuickSort
substack in cyberspace
Hibernate | Java J2EEBrain
Make Backbone Better With Extensions | Nettuts+
Free UML Tool with full UML, ERD and SysML Supports
Sorting algorithms/Quicksort – Rosetta Code
StarUML – The Open Source UML/MDA Platform
Java | Java J2EEBrain – Sample question & answer application using Spring framework, Mongo DB and Bootstrap
Download Visio Stencil and Template for UML 2.2
Quicksort (JavaScript) – LiteratePrograms
Devops Weekly Issue 110 – 10th February 2013
DHTML Quick Sort < JavaScript | The Art of Web | Object Oriented Javascript Implementation of QuickSort
Ember: Baby Steps – Uncle Bob (Robert C. Martin): Object Oriented Design. What is it really?
Home | Dropwizard
A JavaScript refresh |
Change Vision — Astah Community, UML, Professional, Share and iPad
Violet UML Editor
WebPagetest – Website Performance and Optimization Test – Sending SMS using Android
JDBI : Convenient SQL for Java
BOUML – an UML tool box
Review: HP Cloud challenges Amazon and Google | Cloud Computing – InfoWorld
Web Developer Checklist
Java EE Security Cheat Sheet from DZone Refcardz 
Java Cheat Sheet |
Code Triage
JPA 2.0 Cheat Sheet from DZone Refcardz
HTML-DOM Cheat Sheet |
EclipseLink JPA Cheat Sheet from DZone Refcardz
Java EE 6 Annotations Cheat Sheet
jQuery Cheat Sheet |
JPA Cheat Sheet from DZone Refcardz
Jenkins and More! New OpenShift Release – Nov 15, 2011 | OpenShift by Red Hat
CSS Cheat Sheet |
Javascript Cheat Sheet |
Code Triage
Regex Cheat Sheet |
JBoss EAP 5 Cheat Sheet from DZone Refcardz – Free, professional tutorial guides for developers
Goodbye PowerPoint. Hello reveal.js | OpenShift by Red Hat
Java – Interfaces – Tips and tricks for writing your own Java-based Builders with code snippets
Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet |
Java EE 6 Cheat Sheet from DZone Refcardz
HTML Cheat Sheet |
140 Google Interview Questions | Impact Interview
Svn Cheat Sheet |
The W3C CSS Validation Service
NodeJS Cheat Sheet |
Xtend – Modernized Java
JaxServer – Jaxcore
Modules · joyent/node Wiki
My Thoughts on Node.js and Express | Architects Zone
Android Google Maps Tutorial | Java Code Geeks
Java J2EE PDF Study materials | Java J2EEBrain
Geddy | The original MVC Web framework for Node – a simple, structured way to create full stack javascript applications
Java program – Fibonacci series with recursion example | Java67 – Java Program Example Tutorial Blog
Oracle Interview Question; Database FAQ
Super CSV – Welcome
Hibernate pdf tutorials | Java J2EEBrain
10 most tricky question in java – Answers
Creating a basic site with node.js and Express | Shape Shed
Top 50 Web Services Interview Questions
Web Service | Java J2EEBrain
Developing web services -part 1 | Java J2EEBrain
Tower.js – Full Stack Web Framework for Node.js and the Browser – Select a Language
REST Web services Framework interview questions answers
SOA | Java J2EEBrain
Mojito – Yahoo! Cocktails – YDN – Working with HTML5 Canvas
Top 10 Java Coding Interview questions answers for programmers | Java67 – Java Program Example Tutorial Blog
Servlets Tutorials | Java J2EEBrain
Hibernate Tutorials | Java J2EEBrain
Express – applications
Basic concepts of OpenLDAP | Java Code Geeks
How to reverse String in Java using Iteration and Recursion
Top Node.js Frameworks 2012 | OCDevel
Oracle Java Interview Questions –
NPR Sunday Puzzle (Java) | Exploring Java world
Breaking down Amazon’s mega dropdown – Ben Kamens
Play20/samples at master · playframework/Play20 · GitHub
The Play Framework at LinkedIn | LinkedIn Engineering
xkcd: Ineffective Sorts
]-[3ny0 ONLINE: Setting up a Spring Data JPA Project m2eclipse
effectivcrm – Fresh. Nimble. Cloud Ready. – Google Project Hosting
Tutorial:Create Spring 3 MVC Hibernate 3 Example using Maven in Eclipse
Maven + Spring + Hibernate + MySql Example
Spring and Hibernate4 « Middleware Magic
eugenp/REST · GitHub
Migrating to Spring 3.1 and Hibernate 4.1 | SpringSource Team Blog
Simpler JPA with Spring Data-JPA | Technophile Blog
Spring Hibernate End to End Integration using Maven, Spring MVC, JSP, Oracle11g : A Step by Step Guide | Welcome to Codeyard
Introduction to Spring Tutorial
kamens/jQuery-menu-aim · GitHub | Collecting all the cheat sheets
Developer Tools |
Review: HP Cloud challenges Amazon and Google | Cloud Computing – InfoWorld
Optimize Your CSS With RequireJS | Nettuts+ – Sending SMS using Android



Links of the Day

M101J Course Info
Agile Enterprise Architecture
Hibernate Getting Started Guide
Schauderhaft » Testing Databases with JUnit and Hibernate Part 1: One to Rule them
HiberObjects – UML for Hibernate
Data Skills for Agile Software Developers
Schauderhaft » Testing Databases with JUnit and Hibernate Part 2: The Mother of All Things
The Skillset of an Agile DBA
Evolutionary/Agile Database Best Practices
Maximizing Human Performance
Agility@Scale: Strategies for Scaling Agile Software Development
Data Modeling 101 – Singleton vs Static Class in Java – Pros and Cons
IBM Cúram Social Program Management Version Product Documentation – United States
Test Driven Development with Node.JS | ÜberConference
JDepend plugin for Eclipse: JDepend4Eclipse
FindBugs™ – Find Bugs in Java Programs
EclEmma – Java Code Coverage for Eclipse
Shivprasad Koirala: Design pattern interview questions :- Which design patterns have you used in your project ?
Stevey’s Blog Rants: Good Agile, Bad Agile
Basic Windows PowerShell commands you should already know | TechRepublic
18 New Useful Frameworks for Web and Mobile App Developers – DesignModo
Automated Acceptance-Testing using JBehave |
FireSSH – The Free SSH Client for Mozilla Firefox
Selenium web application testing system
ODBMS.ORG :: Object Database (ODBMS) | Object-Oriented Database (OODBMS) | Free Resource Portal
EMMA: Quick Start
EMMA: Sample Reports
JDK 1.5 and Eclipse
Scheduling Junit tests with RunnerScheduler for a concurrent execution |
openpojo – Trivializing POJO testing and Identity. – Google Project Hosting
OO7J –
Chapter 4: Testing with JUnit – Powered by Google Docs
Welcome to my scratchpad: jSonde – Generate a UML Sequence Diagram
jSonde – java profiler, analyzer & reverse engineering tool
Introduction to Eclipse, Unit Testing and JUnit – Powered by Google Docs
argouml-stats: 2.7. The JUnit test cases
Automatic Generate JUnit Tests
Ohloh, the open source network
JSBlend – A Javascript based diffmerge tool
TestGen4J | Download TestGen4J software for free at
My Tech Notes: Auto Generate JUnit Test Cases
JUnitDoclet Eclipse Plugin | Download JUnitDoclet Eclipse Plugin software for free at JUnitDoclet Eclipse Plugin – Project Web Hosting – Open Source Software
HiberObjects – UML for Hibernate
Schauderhaft » Testing Databases with JUnit and Hibernate Part 3: Cleaning up and Further Ideas
Schauderhaft » Testing Databases with JUnit and Hibernate Part 2: The Mother of All Things
Hibernate Getting Started Guide
J A L O P Y – Jalopy the source code formatting tool
EclEmma – Using the Coverage View
Code Coverage Analysis
Speedup eclipse – startup on windows | Cordobo
Eclipse and memory settings » What Was I Thinking ?
InfoQ: Concurrent and Distributed Applications with Spring
JavaScript Testing | Rich Internet Application and User Interface Videos & Tutorials Directory
What Every Web Programmer Needs To Know About Security – Google Code University – Google Code
Agile Development: Redefining “Management” in Project Management | Project Management for Software Development
MALLET homepage
Code Quality « The Holy Java
DevRates | Open source reviews by real users
Optimizing MongoDB Compound Indexes
3 Mapping Domain Classes to Mongo Collections 1.1.0.GA
MySQL vs. MongoDB: The Complete Edition | Javalobby
MongoDB Input – Pentaho Wiki
Agile Message Management with C24 and MongoDB | Javalobby


Apache POI and Excel Manipulation


Apache POI

10gen: M101J MongoDB for Java Developers – Week 2


This class has been going great.

The flow of the class is great and it’s worked well on Windows with Eclipse, Maven and JDK 1.6.

Some notes and links:

document oriented database
The Spark web framework for Java is nice, very small and simple.


MongoClient client = new MongoClient();
DB db = client.getDB(“school”);
DBCollection people = db.getCollection(“people”);





Sunday’s Best

vs just mocking
Continuous Integration JEE
Very cool, you can now use CloudBees Jenkins to Build Cloud Foundry Apps!


Coding Practices





Some Current Links

Persisting Object with Spring 3.1 and Hibernate 4 |
Layered architecture with Hibernate and Spring 3 | Continuous Reconsideration
Using Maven with Spring 3, Hibernate | tuanleaded
How to configure DBCP connection pool in Hibernate
Using Tomcat JDBC Connection Pool in Standalone Java Application | Java Code Geeks
JPA basic example with EntityManager , Spring and Maven | hop2croft’s software development Blog
level up – Spring MVC and Hibernate Configuration
level up – Spring MVC and Hibernate Configuration
How to set up the Heroku tools for deployment with multiple accounts | Railsware Blog




Robolectric: Unit Test your Android Application | Robolectric
Dashboards | Android Developers
Notifications | Android Developers
Action Bar | Android Developers
Notifications | Android Developers
Themes | Android Developers
Support Library | Android Developers
ActionBarSherlock – Home
DatePicker | Android Developers
NumberPicker | Android Developers
Testing Fundamentals | Android Developers
monkeyrunner | Android Developers
appthwack – AppThwack
akquinet STAND � view.details.mavenarchetypes – Your one source for DNS related tools! – 10 Vital Aspects of Building a Node.JS Application

Arquillian – JBoss Community

Screen Crack Android App


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