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Persisting Object with Spring 3.1 and Hibernate 4 |
Layered architecture with Hibernate and Spring 3 | Continuous Reconsideration
Using Maven with Spring 3, Hibernate | tuanleaded
How to configure DBCP connection pool in Hibernate
Using Tomcat JDBC Connection Pool in Standalone Java Application | Java Code Geeks
JPA basic example with EntityManager , Spring and Maven | hop2croft’s software development Blog
level up – Spring MVC and Hibernate Configuration
level up – Spring MVC and Hibernate Configuration
How to set up the Heroku tools for deployment with multiple accounts | Railsware Blog




Robolectric: Unit Test your Android Application | Robolectric
Dashboards | Android Developers
Notifications | Android Developers
Action Bar | Android Developers
Notifications | Android Developers
Themes | Android Developers
Support Library | Android Developers
ActionBarSherlock – Home
DatePicker | Android Developers
NumberPicker | Android Developers
Testing Fundamentals | Android Developers
monkeyrunner | Android Developers
appthwack – AppThwack
akquinet STAND � view.details.mavenarchetypes – Your one source for DNS related tools! – 10 Vital Aspects of Building a Node.JS Application

Arquillian – JBoss Community

Screen Crack Android App


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