Java and Oracle Links

Advanced Java Programming Techniques with Oracle Database 11g


Oracle® Universal Connection Pool for JDBC

Oracle® Database JDBC Developer’s Guide 11g Release 2 (11.2)

Java Stored Procedures

Oracle Data Source

JMX For Spring

for monitoring through visual jvm and many other tools

Hibernate and Log4j via JMX

Creating an Asynchronous, Event-Driven Application with Reactor

sprint boot cli
spring –help

What’s New for Java Performance, Scalability, and Security with Oracle Database 12c [CON8597]

A JDBC Datasource for Failing Over and Replaying In-Flight Transactions [CON9234]

Java SE and Oracle Java Embedded: What’s New and What’s Coming [CON8936]

Experiences with Evangelizing Java Within the Database [UGF8861]

Hitchhiker’s Guide to XQuery with Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and Oracle SQL Developer 3.2.2 [CON7615]

RESTful Web Services [CON8852]

Implementing Oracle Commerce: Best Practices for Experience and Commerce [CON9198] Oracle ATG and Oracle Endeca

JVM Diagnostics: Java Profiling in Production Environments [CON9571]

JPA Tracing


JPA / Data Tools

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