Critical Tools

There’s a ton of great tools I recommend for all developers to install.   Here is a sampling of ones that get frequent usage:   Java, Groovy, Typesafe Activator, CF CLI, Spring Boot CLI, Maven, Gradle, GVM, Watch, HTML2Text, Boot2Docker, VirtualBox, CURL, WGET, BREW, Vagrant, SOAPUI, IntelliJ, NetBeans, Android Studio, Redis Desktop Manager, SQuirrel SQL, Sublime, pgAdmin 3, git, and JMeter.

CF CLI – A Command Line Tool for working with CloudFoundry, Pivotal CF and Pivotal PWS.   See some more information at CloudFoundry Rocks.

HTML2Text – convert HTML dumps to Text for reading/piping into logs and easy command line viewing.  Works well with Curl and WGET.

Watch – cool UNIX/MacOSX command line tool for checking on an app, great with cf app <MYAPP>.

Spring Boot CLI – A Command Line Tool for working/running Spring Boot.    This is installed by the excellent GVM.

Maven – Default build tool.

Gradle – The other awesome build tool.

GVM Tool – great tool for installing and managing Groovy, Gradle, Vert.x, LazyBones, SpringBoot and more.

gvm current
crash: 1.3.0
gradle: 2.2.1
grails: 2.4.3
groovy: 2.3.8
lazybones: 0.7.1
springboot: 1.2.0.RELEASE