Top 25 Reactive Big Data (JVM) Resources and Articles

Ingestion system in Scala/Akka/Spray/… seems like a pumped up super Flume
Smack Stack (Mesos + )
Avro Resources
Kite works with avro
Key Features:
  • Row based with schema
  • schema in the file
  • schema is json
  • block compression, splittable files
  • schema evolution
Spark : @databricksMesos : @mesosphere Akka : @typesafe Cassandra : @DataStax Kafka : @ConfluentInc
Akka/Avro Persistence?
Akka / Event Sourcing
Apache Gora
Java 8 Streams
Do we store our Avro in HBase?
Apache Flume for Avro Consumption
Do we store and process Avro files on HDFS?
Replace Chron and Quartz
RDS Postgres or EC2 Postgres
jHiccup (JVM check)

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