REST with or without a Web Container CXF2 or RESTLet or RESTEasy or JAX-RS (Jersey) or DropWizard or Spring Boot or …  There have been an number of options for a while.   Spring Boot and Drop Wizards are very cool because of the simple deploy and lack of need for a cumbersome EAR or WAR deploy… Read More – Build Your First Mobile App with PhoneGap Build Nullzzz – FRP, Bacon.js and stuff: Bacon.js Tutorial Part I : Hacking With jQuery raimohanska/bacon.js · GitHub – Synchronising Multithreaded Integration Tests revisited – Task.js Asynchronous Tasks In JavaScript Understanding Java Garbage Collection and what you can do about it – YouTube… Read More (Enterprise Grade Node.JS + Angular) Coding Guides (Getting Started with Node.js)… Read More

 Testable JavaScript Book Review Testable JavaScript By Mark Ethan Trostler Publisher: O’Reilly Media Released: January 2013 Pages: 274 Chapters: Chapter 1 Testable JavaScript Chapter 2 Complexity Chapter 3 Event-Based Architectures Chapter 4 Unit Tests Chapter 5 Code Coverage Chapter 6 Integration, Performance, and Load Testing Chapter 7 Debugging Chapter 8 Automation First off, I want… Read More

Coding Katas   Uncle Bob’s Ordered Jobs   Repetitious training to improve one’s skill in the Art of Programming.  I am looking for a few good sets of Katas to work on in Java, Node.js, Scala and Groovy.      … Read More

Node.JS Links Nodefly on Heroku Nodefly (Node.JS Monitoring) Node v.0.9.9 (Almost 1.0!!!) Free Hosting for Open Source Projects Eloquent JavaScript (online book) Dashboard with Node.js and Redis Node.JS Oauth and Twitter Meteor on Heroku Node.js (Backbone.js on Client and Server) Connect-Assets-JSPaths i18N for Node.js   OpenShift Spring WebApp / Tomcat… Read More

Here are some links I have found useful in setting up my Raspberry Pi machine for development and more.     MongoDB Building MongoDB on PiMongoDB Part 1MongoDB Part 2Tutorials Raspberry Pi Tutorials on Youtube RPi Tutorials Development on Pi Ruby on Rails Multimedia NetIO C-64 Emulator (Games) C-64 Emulator UPnP XMBC XMBC Media Center… Read More