REST with or without a Web Container CXF2 or RESTLet or RESTEasy or JAX-RS (Jersey) or DropWizard or Spring Boot or …  There have been an number of options for a while.   Spring Boot and Drop Wizards are very cool because of the simple deploy and lack of need for a cumbersome EAR or WAR deploy… Read More – Build Your First Mobile App with PhoneGap Build Nullzzz – FRP, Bacon.js and stuff: Bacon.js Tutorial Part I : Hacking With jQuery raimohanska/bacon.js · GitHub – Synchronising Multithreaded Integration Tests revisited – Task.js Asynchronous Tasks In JavaScript Understanding Java Garbage Collection and what you can do about it – YouTube… Read More (Enterprise Grade Node.JS + Angular) Coding Guides (Getting Started with Node.js)… Read More

 Testable JavaScript Book Review Testable JavaScript By Mark Ethan Trostler Publisher: O’Reilly Media Released: January 2013 Pages: 274 Chapters: Chapter 1 Testable JavaScript Chapter 2 Complexity Chapter 3 Event-Based Architectures Chapter 4 Unit Tests Chapter 5 Code Coverage Chapter 6 Integration, Performance, and Load Testing Chapter 7 Debugging Chapter 8 Automation First off, I want… Read More

Coding Katas   Uncle Bob’s Ordered Jobs   Repetitious training to improve one’s skill in the Art of Programming.  I am looking for a few good sets of Katas to work on in Java, Node.js, Scala and Groovy.      … Read More