Top 25 Reactive Big Data (JVM) Resources and Articles

Ingestion system in Scala/Akka/Spray/… seems like a pumped up super Flume
Smack Stack (Mesos + )
Avro Resources
Kite works with avro
Key Features:
  • Row based with schema
  • schema in the file
  • schema is json
  • block compression, splittable files
  • schema evolution
Spark : @databricksMesos : @mesosphere Akka : @typesafe Cassandra : @DataStax Kafka : @ConfluentInc
Akka/Avro Persistence?
Akka / Event Sourcing
Apache Gora
Java 8 Streams
Do we store our Avro in HBase?
Apache Flume for Avro Consumption
Do we store and process Avro files on HDFS?
Replace Chron and Quartz
RDS Postgres or EC2 Postgres
jHiccup (JVM check)

Reactive Programming, Reactive Streams, Lean, Unit Tests, DDD, Microservices, 12 Factor Apps

Rebuilding your infrastructure

Marathon and Mesos
HAProxy, SmartStack, Zookeeper
Alerting with ElasticSearch (
Redis Driver – Lettuce – has some nice features
Java Redis Orm
Advanced Java Data Structures
Redis Meetup – NY 04-August-2015
SSL Tunnel with Redis
Java with Redis
Redis Proxy
Testing Points
Linux Performance Tools
Docker/Microservices issues
Consul and Puppet for Service Discovery & Mgmt
Drill for Mongo query
Moving to Scala

Microservices, Devops, Scala, Akka, Spring Boot and more…

Spring Boot Microservices



New Open Source From IBM

NodeJS Metrics

Agentless System Crawler

DevOps Report

Scala / AKKA

Everything about Tor


Java 8

Scala and more… Links

Scala + Mongo

Scala + redis

Scala + Postgresql



Rx-Netty, Netflix Karyon 2

Slides from 2015 NE Scala

Git R Done – Scalathon 2012 – Notes

Scalathon 2012
   conscript application
template engine
github or any git repository
push to github to update template
no authentication
use github account
use branches,tags
use master/head for template
IRC Freenode
Scalathon | the international Scala hackathon | July 15-17 2011 |
works for github, but can work for any git repository
users or org/repo
g8 is assumed extension
90% convention

<n8han> cs n8han/giter8
<n8han> g8 dispatch/dispatch

use in the bin directory only

will install it locally

generates sbt script / directory structure

publishing to sonatype is eventually mirrored to maven


sbt 0.12

sbt run

ny scala meetup


need a suite of tests to ensure that nothing was broken when they added features

giter8 – depends on github api, now using git interface

will use jgit soon


giter8 0.4.5
Usage: g8 [TEMPLATE] [OPTION]…
Apply specified template.

-a, –auth <login>:<password>
Authorizes oauth access to Github
-b, –branch
Resolves a template within a given branch
Set given parameter value and bypass interaction.

Apply template and interactively fulfill parameters.
g8 n8han/giter8

Apply template from a remote branch
g8 n8han/giter8 -b some-branch

Apply given name parameter and use defaults for all others.
g8 n8han/giter8 –name=template-test

Acquire Github authorization
g8 -a login:password


can pass in named parameters

Build your own giter8 template


g8 n8han/giter8


your scala sbt is in sbt plugins are a sbt beneath


proguard is not working with latest typesafe stack

issue with android + scala

we reject that jars have to be skinny

latest sbt on windows is 0.11.3


tree on windows 7 console


Folder PATH listing for volume PC COE
Volume serial number is F6F0-B6B2
│ ├───project
│ │ └───target
│ │ ├───scala-2.9.1
│ │ │ └───sbt-0.11.3
│ │ │ ├───cache
│ │ │ │ ├───compile
│ │ │ │ └───update
│ │ │ └───classes
│ │ └───streams
│ │ ├───$global
│ │ │ ├───compilers
│ │ │ │ └───$global
│ │ │ ├───ivy-configuration
│ │ │ │ └───$global
│ │ │ ├───ivy-sbt
│ │ │ │ └───$global
│ │ │ ├───project-descriptors
│ │ │ │ └───$global
│ │ │ └───update
│ │ │ └───$global
│ │ └───compile
│ │ ├───$global
│ │ │ └───$global
│ │ ├───compile
│ │ │ └───$global
│ │ ├───compile-inputs
│ │ │ └───$global
│ │ ├───copy-resources
│ │ │ └───$global
│ │ └───defined-sbt-plugins
│ │ └───$global
│ └───target
│ ├───config-classes
│ ├───scala-2.9.1
│ │ └───sbt-0.11.3
│ │ └───cache
│ │ ├───compile
│ │ └───update
│ └───streams
│ ├───$global
│ │ ├───compilers
│ │ │ └───$global
│ │ ├───ivy-configuration
│ │ │ └───$global
│ │ ├───ivy-sbt
│ │ │ └───$global
│ │ ├───project-descriptors
│ │ │ └───$global
│ │ └───update
│ │ └───$global
│ └───compile
│ ├───$global
│ │ └───$global
│ ├───compile
│ │ └───$global
│ ├───compile-inputs
│ │ └───$global
│ ├───copy-resources
│ │ └───$global
│ └───defined-sbt-plugins
│ └───$global
this is input for the template mechanism used for the build, this doesn’t show up
creates a standard Scala SBT project
“sbt console”
> g8-test

Directory of C:UsersspanntDesktopScalamydirsrcmainscala

07/27/2012 01:50 PM <DIR> .
07/27/2012 01:50 PM <DIR> ..
07/27/2012 01:50 PM 589 Hello$.class
07/27/2012 01:50 PM 605 Hello.class
07/27/2012 01:50 PM 292 Hello.scala
3 File(s) 1,486 bytes
2 Dir(s) 115,960,180,736 bytes free



info, warning, error – logs

[info] Set current project to default-469610 (in build file:/C:/Users/spannt/Des
> run
[info] Updating {file:/C:/Users/spannt/Desktop/Scala/mydir/}default-469610…
[info] Resolving org.scala-lang#scala-library;2.9.1 …
[info] Done updating.
[info] Compiling 1 Scala source to C:UsersspanntDesktopScalamydirtargetsc
[info] Running Hello
Hello World
[success] Total time: 3 s, completed Jul 27, 2012 1:55:44 PM

leave sbt running

works like SPRING ROO

SBT grabs it’s own SCALA on the web


conscript example giter8 (g8) template –

conscript (cs) example –


can combine java and scala

integrate scala calling java

continuous build on src changes





compile, compile test, run test

can use ~ before anything


change  sbt

up xmx

up stack

hotspot options for permgen


put into build.sbt

cross scala version if your library supports many version

sbt commands


+compile, +test, +run

compile for every version in cross scala versions

entry point if you have many, if you have only one entry point it will find it

libraryDependencies += "org.apache.derby" % "derby" % ""
can use Java and scala libraries
  append my scala version to the version number
test writer


SBT is continuous build . like Roo or maven but more



see sbt-prototype

don’t look at googlecode
Publishing to SBT local repo (at least for my home directory) publishTo := Some(Resolver.file(“maven-local-repo”, file(“/home/jsuereth/.m2/repository”)))
IRC freenode
Setting up an Akka “hello world” project using SBT (and also ‘sbt make-pom’ to let Netbeans open the project and be my .scala editor)

one run for ~compile always on

one running profilers/test


Scala Basics

doesnt care what the name or location of the file

can put dozens of objects into one file

we’re talking about in the front

programming in scala 2nd edition  : odersky

Free Node   IRC


Setting up SBT
Scala on Heroku

downloaded heroku toolbelt

downloaded sbt 2.0.1










ETE Presentations

Chariot Solutions Presentations / ETE Presentations

Chariot Solutions Emerging Technology Philly ETE 2012 Screencasts

Chariot Solutions Videos and ETE Videos

CoffeeScript Edge

Emerging Languages

StratisfiedJS (Structured JS)

Large Scale Agile

Spring ROO with Addons

Backbone.js / Real-time Web Apps

Rich-Web Apps with Server Side Java

Vaadin Java Framwork

Interesting Stack (Backbone, NodeJS, Restify, MongoDB)

Dependecy Injection

HTML5 Apps with Java and Scala with Play


Massive Scaling

Lean, Kanban and Large Scale Agile

Let’s Play TDD

Cross Platform Mobile Experience

Real-Time Web Apps with Backbone

Better Agile Through Tribes

Java EE in the Cloud(s)




Grails 2.0

JavaScript Testing / BDD