Grails 2.0

Great video from SpringSource on Grails 2.0 from ETE 2012

Getting Started 2.04

Grails uses Spring 3.1 and latest Tomcat, Groovy and Hibernate.

Over 600 Grails Plugins

Hibernate Plugin GORM

JQuery for Grails

JQuery UI for Grails

Cobertura Code Coverage

Spock for Grails (now can extend Spock’s Class)

REST Client

Grails with Spring Mobile

Apache POI Grails Builder


Groovy Console

Twitter Bootstrap for Grails

YUI on Grails

Grails is a full stack framework with ORM, DI, Tx, App Server, Database Server, …

Built-In H2 Console for Grails

=> http://localhost:8080/app/dbconsole



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