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M101J Course Info
Agile Enterprise Architecture
Hibernate Getting Started Guide
Schauderhaft » Testing Databases with JUnit and Hibernate Part 1: One to Rule them
HiberObjects – UML for Hibernate
Data Skills for Agile Software Developers
Schauderhaft » Testing Databases with JUnit and Hibernate Part 2: The Mother of All Things
The Skillset of an Agile DBA
Evolutionary/Agile Database Best Practices
Maximizing Human Performance
Agility@Scale: Strategies for Scaling Agile Software Development
Data Modeling 101 – Singleton vs Static Class in Java – Pros and Cons
IBM Cúram Social Program Management Version Product Documentation – United States
Test Driven Development with Node.JS | ÜberConference
JDepend plugin for Eclipse: JDepend4Eclipse
FindBugs™ – Find Bugs in Java Programs
EclEmma – Java Code Coverage for Eclipse
Shivprasad Koirala: Design pattern interview questions :- Which design patterns have you used in your project ?
Stevey’s Blog Rants: Good Agile, Bad Agile
Basic Windows PowerShell commands you should already know | TechRepublic
18 New Useful Frameworks for Web and Mobile App Developers – DesignModo
Automated Acceptance-Testing using JBehave |
FireSSH – The Free SSH Client for Mozilla Firefox
Selenium web application testing system
ODBMS.ORG :: Object Database (ODBMS) | Object-Oriented Database (OODBMS) | Free Resource Portal
EMMA: Quick Start
EMMA: Sample Reports
JDK 1.5 and Eclipse
Scheduling Junit tests with RunnerScheduler for a concurrent execution |
openpojo – Trivializing POJO testing and Identity. – Google Project Hosting
OO7J –
Chapter 4: Testing with JUnit – Powered by Google Docs
Welcome to my scratchpad: jSonde – Generate a UML Sequence Diagram
jSonde – java profiler, analyzer & reverse engineering tool
Introduction to Eclipse, Unit Testing and JUnit – Powered by Google Docs
argouml-stats: 2.7. The JUnit test cases
Automatic Generate JUnit Tests
Ohloh, the open source network
JSBlend – A Javascript based diffmerge tool
TestGen4J | Download TestGen4J software for free at
My Tech Notes: Auto Generate JUnit Test Cases
JUnitDoclet Eclipse Plugin | Download JUnitDoclet Eclipse Plugin software for free at JUnitDoclet Eclipse Plugin – Project Web Hosting – Open Source Software
HiberObjects – UML for Hibernate
Schauderhaft » Testing Databases with JUnit and Hibernate Part 3: Cleaning up and Further Ideas
Schauderhaft » Testing Databases with JUnit and Hibernate Part 2: The Mother of All Things
Hibernate Getting Started Guide
J A L O P Y – Jalopy the source code formatting tool
EclEmma – Using the Coverage View
Code Coverage Analysis
Speedup eclipse – startup on windows | Cordobo
Eclipse and memory settings » What Was I Thinking ?
InfoQ: Concurrent and Distributed Applications with Spring
JavaScript Testing | Rich Internet Application and User Interface Videos & Tutorials Directory
What Every Web Programmer Needs To Know About Security – Google Code University – Google Code
Agile Development: Redefining “Management” in Project Management | Project Management for Software Development
MALLET homepage
Code Quality « The Holy Java
DevRates | Open source reviews by real users
Optimizing MongoDB Compound Indexes
3 Mapping Domain Classes to Mongo Collections 1.1.0.GA
MySQL vs. MongoDB: The Complete Edition | Javalobby
MongoDB Input – Pentaho Wiki
Agile Message Management with C24 and MongoDB | Javalobby

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