HP Developer Anywhere Updated to 10.01 on June 1, 2013

New Features in this Release
l App redeployment. You can quickly redeploy your app when your Java code changes.
l Automatically reload app configuration files. HP Anywhere IDE automatically applies
changes to your app’s configuration files to the app running on the HP Anywhere server, so you
don’t need to manually reload your app every time you modify these files.
l New jQuery Mobile templates. You can now use out-of-the-box jQuery Mobile templates to
create Hello World and My Report apps.
l Minification support for your apps.HP Anywhere IDE comes complete with a built-in
mechanism that automatically minifies your apps, so they’re always ready for production.
l Automatic updates. Your HP Anywhere IDE Plugin is automatically updated, so you always
have the latest version of the plugin at your fingertips.
l Eclipse Marketplace. You can now download the HP Anywhere IDE Plugin directly from
Eclipse Marketplace.
l Bug fixes. For details, see “Fixed Defects in this Release” on the next page.


Fixed Defects in this Release
The reference number for each fixed defect is the Change Request (QCCR) number. For more
information about fixed defects, visit HP Software Support Online, or contact your HP Support
representative directly.
The following defects are fixed in HP Anywhere IDE (Eclipse) 10.01:
l Coexistence of HP Anywhere IDE and HP Anywhere server: HP Anywhere IDE cannot
reside on the same machine as HP Anywhere server. If HP Anywhere server was already
installed on the machine, the installer did not prevent the installation of HP Anywhere IDE.
l New app version always set to 1.0.0: If you changed the app version in the HP Anywhere App
Project wizard to anything other than the default 1.0.0, the change was ignored. (QCCR158307)
l Inaccessible descriptor file (relevant for WebOS catalog): The <app_name>-
descriptor.xml file was wrapped in the WAR file, and therefore, the app’s metadata was not
accessible when uploading to the WebOS catalog. (QCCR158935)
l OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space error message: This error message was sometimes
displayed when uploading to the HP Anywhere server. (QCCR162145)
l HP Anywhere IDE not shown by default: When you opened HP Anywhere IDE, the default
perspective was set to the Java IDE instead of HP Anywhere IDE. (QCCR160985)
l Incorrect error message for new project with existing name: If you tried to create a project
using an existing project name, a general “failed” error message was displayed that did not
indicate the reason. (QCCR160990)
l HP AnywhereIDE would not start if JDK 1.6 was installed: If JDK 1.6 was installed on the
machine, HP Anywhere IDE failed to open even though JDK 1.7 was also installed on the
machine. (QCCR160984)
l Generic log file: Apps created using

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