Every solution needs JavaScript if you are doing auto-complete in your browser.   There’s ways some example libraries out there for JavaScript, JQuery and some other frameworks to easily do an in-browser search.   You can also. You need AJAX or Websockets to make a call to your server implementation.

Example REST Java AutoComplete Server

Creating a Typeahead Widget with AngularJS – SitePoint

Live Search – Ajax Patterns

Autocomplete | jQuery UI

java – Autocomplete using Tries – Stack Overflow

A Simple jQuery Autocomplete Search Tutorial | Arunkumar’s Blog

Create a Simple Autocomplete With HTML5 & jQuery | Design Shack

Programming Assignment: Autocomplete Me


COS 226 Programming Assignment Checklist: Autocomplete


The Trie Data Structure: Examples in Java | Toptal

Trie – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Trie Data Structure in Java. | Web problems and solutions.

Trie in Java

Efficient auto-complete with a ternary search tree


Zutto development – The prefix tree: an easily-sortable map implementation for string keys

Suggest Tree: A Data Structure for Efficient Autocomplete


Google AutoComplete Suggestions | Yeming Hu’s Homepage

Salmon Run: Three Autocomplete implementations compared

Redis: Implementing Auto Complete or How to build Trie on Redis • myNoSQL

Two ways of using Redis to build a NoSQL autocomplete search index | Architects Zone

javascript – MongoDB + Node.js + AJAX solution for doing autocomplete search – Stack Overflow

Brute Force
Tutorial: Create Autocomplete feature with Java – JSP / jQuery

Spring 3 MVC Autocomplete with JQuery & JSON Tutorial & Example

Hibernate Search based Autocomplete Suggester | Javalobby

java – Solr Typeahead feature implementation – Stack Overflow

Querying using autocomplete/spellcheck | DataStax Enterprise 3.2 Documentation



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