Resume 2015

Timothy Spann


I am a senior application developer and tech lead with extensive experience designing, coding, testing, running agile teams and supporting next-generation web based solutions in various Linux, Unix and Windows environments. I was a Senior Software Engineer at SecurityScorecard. I have several blogs that I post about various technologies I am exploring including: Android, JDK 8, Scala, HTML 5 with WebSockets, Node.JS, Spring 4, Spring Boot, Redis, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Groovy, SpringXD, Cloud, Apache Spark, Tachyon, Big Data, Hadoop, AWS, NoSQL, Microservices, 12 Factor Applications, Lambda architecture, reactive programming and PaaS. I am passionate about learning new technologies and how best to utilize them for real world applications.

I am a senior software engineer at Security Scorecard, building a security platform on AWS with Scala, Java, Redis, MongoDB, Postgresql, Spring Boot, Spring XD, Apache Drill, SQS, S3, WPScan, EC2, Spring Data, Twitter Data, Kali Linux, DropWizard and other technologies.




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